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Social Media in New Zealand

No one can avoid social media in today's world, the evidence of it in the mainstream is overwhelming. You just need to search for Social Media on the NZ Herald to get an idea of its wide ranging impacts..

Casinader, a writer in the lifestyle section and non participant in the social networking realm acknowledges, "as the online community grows, it's becoming even tougher to stay away". 

The reality is, your personal and brand reputation and image are no longer within your control..襘;Even if you choose not to participate, everyone should be aware of the potentials impacts. From this same article, Casinader demonstrates this while talking to another non Facebook user:

"Although 30-year-old Joanna Alpe has never had a Facebook profile, she knows she has been mentioned on the site, and there are "heaps of photos" of her on her friends' pages. It's harmless stuff, but Alpe is uneasy that there's a virtual documentary of her life online, in a space she has no control over. "

(Casinader, (2010, Aug 12), Life Unplugged, NZ Herald);;;;objectid=10665586

 Want to know more social media, we have a Social Media Think-Tank   which is where we collaborate and group knowledge about the changing world and social impacts on Kiwi businesses. Through this we are able to inform and discuss what our clients are struggling or excelling at with social media... 

What does Social Media mean for Kiwi Businesses?? 

Social Media requires a customised and specific approach which must be aligned and ingrained within the business in which it is positioned. Getting involved in the world of social media will be more appropriate and beneficial for some organisations or industries than in others, but as the mainstream is increasingly integrated and embedded in such mediums, no business can realistically continue to ignore their presence for that much longer... 

On our Social Media Think-Tank site, we have embedded numerous presentations and readings which may help give you more insight. But we believe a little direction and suggestion is all that is required for Kiwis and NZ businesses to better realise their objectives and responsibilities, which have already become a legal consideration in NZ courts and governmental policies, and also an organisational issue with use and boundaries in the workplace and repercussions even for the many Kiwis currently seeking employment. Beyond this, social media is increasingly in the news to a much greater extent than in the past, and this trend seems set to continue.

Businesses are going to have to either adapt to these changes or protect themselves from them. Which ever their choice, we are exploring, researching, developing & implementing solutions related to and regarding social media in New Zealand and its influence, impact & potential for Kiwis in today's global world. We'd love to hear what and how your doing- whether from the perspective of business, communities, individuals- anyone and everyone who recognises the changing world in their lives... 
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Full record can be found on assistNZ site;