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Ongoing Developments

We aim to support and encourage Kiwis to use and integrate social media in useful and beneficial ways to improve their daily lives, communities and current state of the world. We believe with New Zealand's largely accepted position as a representative sample of Western Markets creates a unique opportunity to demonstrate better alternatives to the world. 

It is obvious that our world currently needs change, our societies have been vocal but not active about the need for it for years. Yet the realistic changes which we so desperately need in our communities is still to be seen. Social media empowers each of us to have the ability to influence and effect the realities we live in. 

At the end of the day, who is society if not each and everyone of us??

We also have our own social networking site "PlatformNZ", focusing on sweet as applications of social media in communities, government and business in New Zealand, you can find it here:

We have also explored various adaptations of the wiki/ collective, user generated knowledge base using a number of wiki development sites, blogs and forums type sites in the development of our services as well as collating and building our knowledge base for Kiwis while building up the assistNZ presence and brand awareness online.

At the moment, we are building a more directive and informative approach to get the ball rolling so to speak, our most up to date and complete knowledge base has been established on Google Sites services and encompassed with what we are calling the "assistNZ social media handbook" which is supported by the Social Media Think-Tank (smtt) found on the same site-

In terms of traditional wiki formats, we have played around with a few of these on an internal/org basis, consultants have been actively involved with wikis privately for year, the likes of Wikipedia and but these options have been difficult for us largely...

Another attempt we have learned from was the Wiki attempt for Jess' Research which was largely confusing and unorganised...but it does have some good data when you have the patience to digg through and can be found at

Our main wiki is on PB Works at the moment... 

But we have also alternated with other versions and developments on Wetpaint (