Embracing and innovating with social media means we are rapidly continue to increase are "online presence"- to the point that many, including even us, were struggling to keep up and remember them all!! 

We have utilised the list function from Google Apps to enable us to use this register (found below) as a central resource and reference point when seeking us out. We have a number of the different sites, with differing focuses, which we have consistently building up- we also encourage those users whom have registered with us to develop their own sites through our services. 

The sites.assistNZ.com website template & development service is just one of the many online services we have available to our users, these have been included in this list below.

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assistNZ Handbook Handbook assistNZ subsidiary sites 
assistNZ Mobile m.assistnz.com  assistNZ subsidiary sites 
PlatformNZ Wiki Wetpaint assistNZ subsidiary sites 
Sweet As Social Media Society http://members.assistnz.com assistNZ subsidiary sites 
SASM Glossary http://glossary.assistnz.com assistNZ subsidiary sites 
Jess' Dissertation http://research.assistnz.com assistNZ subsidiary sites 
Notebook Jezzieann Notebook Public/open source service 
Facebook Page AssistNZ  Public/open source service 
assistNZ.com Email Service http://mail.assistnz.com  Registered assistNZ user 
assistNZ Member Login Login to assistNZ Registered assistNZ user 
SMP Quiz Development Live Wave Registered assistNZ user 
SASM & AssistNZ Reference List http://references.assistnz.com Registered assistNZ user 
Showing 12 items