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Updates & Changes to the assistNZ site will be followed by more!!

posted Sep 4, 2010, 1:50 AM by Jess Maher   [ updated Sep 5, 2010, 11:33 PM ]
As our business continues to rapidly develop we are trying to keep all the changes up to date throughout our online presence. This is something which is a struggle for most businesses' participating in the social media world as far as I am aware. Being a small business, which many of our kiwi businesses are 1, we have the benefit of our small size and generally more direct personal interactions with our customers and staff which the large multinational corporations do not.  In the social media world however, this can be seen as a considerable advantage if we learn to assess it correctly. While the majority of examples of business applications of social media have been restricted to the larger companies, the impact and effectiveness of these continues to be debatable. It is all concerned with Return on Investment (ROI), the success of something can only be determined by the reason for its undertaking. 

So while we want to tell you more right now, its in the best interest of our development to make sure we focus on our investor enquiries and required finalised changes to our business plan for the immediate future... We hope to share MUCH more to come with you in the very near future... But for the meantime, keep track of our changes and developments through Facebook by clicking 'Like' on, Using Social Media to Benefit New Zealanders....on our Facebook Page.

Or check out the new changes to our Sweet As Social Networking Site or the Sweet As Social Media wiki which is still under development! 

More soon!!    Cheers,    

                                Jess Maher
                              assistNZ Co-director 

1  |  97% of New Zealand businesses are considered small businesses by international standards and reports state that over 67% of our businesses are mostly sole enterprises, in other worlds, "one-man-shows" (Statistics NZ, 2009)